Saturday, January 26, 2008


Clearly Warren has been punishing me for failing to properly document the gyoza he made (in conjunction with a giant sushi feast) for New Year's Eve 2006, because he hasn't made it since then!

Not until last night, that is.

Gyoza, a pork-filled Japanese dumpling, is my absolute favorite thing that Warren makes. He made them when I was in labor with Jiro and the whole time I was trying to give birth, I worried the midwives would eat them all before I had a minute to "relax."

He made 54 on Friday and my response was, "50 for me, 4 for everyone else."

I like them hot, cold, big, small, in a house, with a mouse.

The filling is ground pork and turkey meat with some garlic, shallots, and soy sauce.

Warren expertly folds the filling into the store bought gyoza wrapers.

Don't they look pretty?

Once they are all assembled, they get pan fried and then steamed a bit in a big pot. This makes them super yummy and way better than anyone else's gyoza in the whole world!

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