Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sushi, Take 2

Since the Thanksgiving sushi making was so well received (and he hasn't had to cook for two weeks thanks to Derby dinner deliveries), Warren decided to go all out for the family gathering at my mom's house on Christmas Eve. He basically planned a repeat performance (California rolls, eel and cucumber rolls, shrimp tempura rolls, and spicy crawfish rolls) but with one major change: more rice to make more rolls! Also, I asked for mango instead of cucumber with some of the eel, and he obliged.

Having found sashimi quality tuna at the Asian market, he also decided to try his hand at making tuna ngiri, spicy tuna rolls, and a replica of our favorite Sekisui roll, the Jacksonville, which requires a blow torch!

This time we all waited patiently in the livingroom for two and a half hours while chef Miki Moto made us a feast to end all feasts. Jiro was first on the scene, and I was close behind him. Despite everyone absolutely gorging themselves, we actually had leftovers.

"Hmmm...should we leave Santa cookies or sushi?" I asked Satchel.


RJA said...

Don't you dare ever show up at my house with used pizza for dinner again.

Stephanie said...

I am going to start showing up at your house at dinnertime, just in case it's sushi night.

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