Friday, November 24, 2006

Grilled Turkey and Sushi

This year's War of the Turkeys inspired Warren to cook his on the grill. He bought a 13lb turkey, borrowed a co-worker's extra large grill, consulted Alton Brown, and went to work.

In order for us to make it to my mom's by noonish, Warren put the turkey on the grill at 9:00am. He made a few "smoke bombs," grabbed some rosemary from the garden, and began what would prove to be a fairly simple process.

He did get a little tense at one point when I, his dutiful assistant, did not properly follow orders. "Look, don't ask questions," he said. "Pretend that you are working at McDonald's and I am your manager."

I, of course, looked at him and did my best not to completely crack up. "Okay, Bobby," I said.

"Bobby?" he asked.

"Yeah, that's your McDonald's manager name."

As you can see, the turkey turned out great.

The real fun came later at my mom's house when Iron Chef Miki Moto (that's Warren's bigtime chef name), set up his sushi making station.

Everyone hovered around as he made California rolls (with real crab), eel and cucumber rolls, shrimp tempura rolls, and spicy crawfish rolls.

We literally had to make rules for the sushi eating so that no one person got more than the others. No one was to be trusted. Warren kept the completed rolls in a safe area until everyone was present and ready to taste.

Everyone got 4 pieces to start and then we divvied them up from there. At one point, my nephew bartered with my mom in order to get a few of her pieces.

Once we had been through two rounds of eight rolls, we still wanted more. But there was a problem. We had plenty of filling, but very little rice.

"Make an everything but the kitchen sink roll," my brother-in-law suggested.

"Yeah, do that!" we all cheered.

"I don't know," Warren said. "It could get pretty messy."

"I can roll it," my BIL said. "I'll just pretend it is a big fatty."

Apparently all Warren needed was for someone to put it in perspective, because the Everything but the Kitchen Sink roll came off without a hitch. (It includes eel, crawfish, crab, shrimp, cucumber, avocado, masago (roe), hot sauce, and wasabi mayo.)

Here's my BIL "taking a hit."

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Anonymous said...

No wonder there were rules for the sushi- yum- I would definately brawl for some of that!

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