Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Prime Rib

Warren likes nothing more than finding a fancy piece of meat and cooking it to perfection. (Someday I'll have to dig up and scan pictures of the goat he killed and cooked underground in Cameroon for our Christmas 1995 Feast.)

Armed with a fancy meat thermometer (that looks more like an iPod than a kitchen gadget), he decided to try his hand at prime rib for the family gathering at my older sister's house. The hardest part of this endeavor was locating the meat. It wasn't available at the regular old grocery store. Warren had to actually venture out to a meat market.

Charlie's Meat Market to be exact.

Charlie sold him a prime rib that was for six, but as you can see from the photo (which was taken before Warren finished cutting all of the meat), could have easily fed several more.

It was, of course, cooked to perfection. Warren served it with sauteed brussel sprouts and homemade mashed potatoes. My sister's mother-in-law had seconds, which is a first.

No doubt Santa was jealous as he made his way back to the North Pole.

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