Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bearded Hedgehog

We came across a bearded hedgehog (that's a giant mushroom to you and me) on our weekly hike through Overton Park's old forest. Warren said, "I think you can eat that."

I clarified, "I think you can eat that."

He wrapped it up in his bandana, placed it in his hood, and hiked it home where he identified it in his mushroom book.

Then he sliced it up.

Fried it.

And made me eat some right there in front of the kids.

It was okay.

For a mushroom.


Anonymous said...

First of all, bearded hedgehog sounds dirty.

Second, you never ever eat anything you find at Overton Park.

CanDrew said...

I heard rumor of this mushroom eating. I'm very proud of you for at least trying (I wouldn't have- 1. found mushroom and 2. found in Overton Park). Did Warren tell you he tried to get Jeremy to try- he wouldn't. That makes you tougher than Jeremy!!!

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