Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Eve Sushi School & Gala

After Uncle Dave's stellar performance at Greek Fest 2006, Warren felt he was ready for Sushi School. Besides, after offering to make sushi (and gyoza and fried butterfly shrimp) for RJA and Sassy Molassy's New Year's Eve Gala, he needed a little help.

I peeled the shrimp while Warren took dogs and the monkeys to the trails, and then I took the monkeys to playground while Warren butterflied the shrimp, prepared the gyoza and set up for Sushi School. We returned to the house at 3:30ish to find Uncle Dave and Warren ready to get started. After observing for a bit, it was no surprise to me that Uncle Dave was a quick learner and a very good student.

They were moving pretty quickly, but I worried about the time since we were supposed to be at the NYE Gala at 5:00pm.

I asked if there might possibly be something I could do to help. Pleased with the efforts of his first student, Warren actually allowed me to assist with the shrimp. After receiving a brief demo on proper battering technique (and a place to prop up my broken leg), I went to work.

(Why yes, that is a Fertile Ground t-shirt. You can get yours here.) Warren said I was doing a good job, but he was all to eager to take over once the sushi was done.

We made it to the NYE Gala at 6:30pm, and were greeted by many hungry revelers. Warren immediately went to the kitchen to cook the gyoza and deep fry the shrimp. Once that was done (at 8:30pm), he sliced up the sushi and served it, much to the delight of everyone in attendance.

Only after reviewing these photos did I realize that I completely failed to properly document the gyoza making, which is my absolute favorite thing that Warren makes. (You can see one or two at the bottom of my plate.) Gyoza is a Japanese dumpling that is pan fried and baked. Warren filled these with pork and crawfish and they were fantastic.

I resolve to get Warren to make them again soon so I can give them their proper due.


Gregg said...

Looks delicious. Does Warren make his gyoza wrappers or buy them at the market? thx Gregg

Stacey Greenberg said...

he buys them :)

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