Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Greekfest 2006, Starring Uncle Dave

Every once in awhile we have the privilege of enjoying feasts at our friends' houses that demand to be documented. Greekfest 2006 was no exception. Uncle Dave's side of the family hails from Greece and as a Hanukah present to us, he invited everyone over for dinner. This is a pretty big deal. The monkeys haven't set foot in Uncle Dave's bachelor pad since the first week he moved in. (Since that first week he has bought all kinds of fancy and breakable objects.)

In an effort to keep the monkeys from tearing the pages in glossy coffee table books, marking up the leather chairs, and tipping over $1000+ bicycles, we brought along some recently acquired toys.

Shortly after we arrived, Uncle Dave started loading up the dining room table with delectable dishes like tarama salata (a creamy caviar of sorts used for dipping), hummus, yogurt dip, olives, daktyla (Greek finger bread), spanikopita, shrimp and tomato casserole covered in feta, lamb meatballs, and my favorite fried kefalotyri cheese. Mmmmmmmmmmm....

Look at those meatballs! Even being served in tupperware doesn't get them down!

Satchel couldn't get enough of the daktyla bread. Uncle Dave is a bread master.

Jiro was all about the fried cheese. (Satchel refused to eat it after discovering that it, not the wall, was what smelled "stinky". His loss!)

My favorite thing to do is to get a bite of bread, a meatball, and some cheese and have a little greek mini burger of sorts. (Not pictured.)

As if dinner wasn't enough, we even had dessert thanks to Uncle Dave's Aunt's cookie care package. Upon catching wind of this, Jiro hugged (tackled?) dear Uncle Dave.

Luckily Uncle Dave was able to hold the monkeys at bay so I could get a good picture. The biscotti looking ones, known as mandlebrot to The Chosen, were the best I ever had.

To top off the evening, Uncle Dave continued his efforts to teach the monkeys to properly salute and do sit ups.

Thanks for a great night Uncle Dave!

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