Sunday, July 29, 2007

Seafood Grill

Our second day at the beach, Warren, the monkeys, and I went on a quest for whole fish to grill. It seemed like it would be an easy task, but it proved quite difficult.

"Where are all the Asian Markets?" Warren lamented after our fourth unsuccessful attempt.

We stopped for gas and I asked a couple of locals if they knew any place to get whole fish.

"Goldfish? Wal-Mart." One replied.

The other asked, "Goldfish or whole fish?"

My accent must have been throwing them off. Local #2 directed us to the Bon Secour fisheries where we were able to buy some mullet and grouper fresh off the boat. As we placed our order, the dude instinctively went to chop the heads off, but luckily we were able to stop him.

"No! We want the heads!" we hollered to his amazement.

We also picked up a couple of pounds of jumbo shrimp and a filet of raw tuna.

Back at the house, Warren marinated everything and fired up the grill.

It was a little dark, so RJA assisted with the flashlight. (Warren also used the back of my car as his staging table! Who says the backs of CRVs are only good for diaper changes?)


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