Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blade Steak

After a full day of capturing tires in the wild and trekking through junk stores with our friend Hope, Warren set off to Schnuck's with exploring in mind. He excitedly returned home with a new cut of meat in hand: blade steak (a.k.a. flat iron steak).

He rubbed it with a Southwestern mix of spices, including brown sugar, and the result was sweet and tender. It was served with grilled asparagus, rice, and salad. I was busy trying to fill my plate before it was all gone and missed getting a decent shot of Warren's plate.

The monkeys requested that their meat be cut up and served on top of rice (and furikake) so that they could eat it with chopsticks.

It was a hit with everyone.

1 comment:

bnairuni said...

Great looking food, I am glad I found your blog. Its good to see another Dad who loves to cook as a creative outlet. Let me know if you want to swap cooking stories

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