Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Epic Pot Roast Tacos

Warren has been in the field for weeks now. Last week, one of the other archaeologist brought a crock pot full of chili (or something) to share with everyone. Warren's boss cleverly told him that his coworker thought he was a better cook than Warren. Warren's response? "How does he know he's better than me if he's never had my cooking?" Then it came as no surprise when Warren spent the bulk of the weekend and Monday preparing a meal of epic proportions to take in the field with him this week. Luckily, he shared with his family before hitting the road!

Because most of the magic happened while I was sleeping or at work, I failed to get any good shots of the sauce that made the pot roast so exquisite. Here are a few action photos, plus the final product.

Pot roast tacos Warren made for the archaeologists

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