Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fufu and Njama Njama

The Cameroonian food kick continues. I didn't care for the njama njama made from manioc leaves in Cameroon, but it sure is good w/kale. Also the fufu, made from corn meal, was really really close to how I remember it. We sold the fufu as "grit balls" to the kids and it was a hit.


Sue Lovegren said...

My son and daughter in law are living in Wum, a small village in Cameroon. My daughter in law was preparing too cook Njama Njama. She talked about how long food preparation could be. She spent hours pulling leaves and breaking tough stems off the Njama Njama to be able to cook it the following evening. I was curious about the origin of this food and how it was eaten.
I am happy to find your blog.

Scarlett Ashton said...

I lived in Yaounde, Cameroon and in Oku for some of thr time... Now that I'm back in Canada I'm trying to perfect fufu and njama njama at home but it's just not the same :)

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