Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Buoyed by the success of catching multiple mullet, Warren decided to load the crab traps with discarded fish and shrimp heads.

And it worked! The next day, the trap had about nine blue crabs in it.

Sadly, most of them were females with giant egg sacks, but we did get to keep four. We filled the traps again, threw them in the bay, and hoped to get even more for a feast the next day. In the end, we ended up with about ten blue crabs and one rock crab (which I could have easily eaten all myself).

Satchel really liked playing with the crabs--even though they were mean! (Or should I just say, mad!) The biggest crab, which I couldn't wait to eat, nearly escaped when I was rinsing them off outside. He jumped off the 15 foot balcony and made a run for it...only to be recaptured by ten-year-old Calvin.

Warren actually declined to boil the crabs since he doesn't like the idea of throwing them in the water alive, but Kristy and I happily took over the crab cooking duties. (I set the table while she did the killing!)

Then we sat down and taught everyone how to meticulously excavate the delicious meat from the body.

Warren has promised to buy a bunch of crabs at the Asian market and have a crab boil for Cocktail Hour in the near future.

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