Friday, September 14, 2007

BBQ Sushi

It was only a matter of time before the Boston Butt became sushi. Warren's signature BBQ sushi. The latest incarnation involved the homemade coleslaw and pickles, spicy seaweed, secret sauce, and Rendezvous dry rub.

Steph, Warren plans to make this again for the next Cocktail evening...


Kristy said...

Mm, extra slaw on mine please.

Warren said...

Kristy Roll:
Xtra Mayo
Sweet-n-sour sauce
ground up birth control pill (not the green one)

Kristy said...

Wait, are you saying I have an aversion to effective birth control methods? Whatever gave you that idea?

Candice said...

We are so very thankful for the batch you guys brought to us. It was the perfect meal after days of hospital food!

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