Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Curry Shrimp

The other night we ate dinner at Tsunami. We hadn't been there in years, which just seems silly. Everything we ordered (ceviche, pot stickers, calamari, and pungent shrimp) was DELICIOUS. The pungent shrimp was especially delicious and when Warren mentioned attempting to recreate it at home, I nearly wet my pants.

The pungent shrimp at Tsunami was a fairly straightforward dish consisting of eight plump shrimp circling a scoop of basmati rice while basking in a sea of green curry.

The pungent shrimp at Chez Oster was out of this world. Warren bought a bazillion gargantuan shrimp, added a curry vegetable dish, and threw some pineapple in the sauce. It was insanely good and kind of made Tsunami seem boring!

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